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Popcorn – Light, fluffy, salty, and buttery. The OG movie snack.



Light, fluffy, salty, and buttery. Popcorn is the OG movie snack and is incredibly popular for many reasons. It’s cheap to buy, cheap to make, and takes hardly any skill to prepare. The best part is you can customize it in dozens of different ways.

Microwave popcorn is definitely the easiest way to get your fix and is instantly accessible to many. However, there’s something about making your own and then sitting on the couch and watching the latest movie to hit Netflix that makes it so much better. I credit my dad for this recipe. It’s quick, easy and very cheap to make.

My favorite ways to customize it are by adding various candy’s, like DOTS or M&M’s or Reese’s Pieces. You won’t catch me putting that gross white cheddar dust nonsense on my popcorn though. It’s disgusting, no matter what my heathen girlfriend or family members say.

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