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Top 3 Picks – Jan 15th 2021

Top Three Streaming Picks for this weekend – What’s on your watchlist?

pandorum, zombieland, batman 1989

My top 3 picks for this weekend are : 

  1. The Terminator
    • Currently free on YouTube so why not give it a watch? Check out the review here
  2. Palm Springs
    • Palm Springs is a Hulu original movie that I honestly didn’t have high hopes for. It’s a “new” take on Groundhog Day that’s both fresh and hilarious. I thoroughly enjoyed it. 
  3. Superman (1978)
    • I don’t have Superman reviewed yet but I watched it for the first time a few months ago and loved it. If you like The Goonies, you’ll enjoy Richard Donner’s Superman. It’s worth going back to the roots of superhero movies before everything got so serious. 

What are you watching this weekend?

Let me know below or tweet me @MoviesNotFilms

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