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Instead of rating movies in just a traditional ten star system, I’ve decided to add a few more layers to my reviews. 

Rating System

  1. Watchable Minutes – The amount of worthwhile minutes in the total run time. My dad actually came up with this one and I think that it’s a really smart idea and not something I’ve seen before. Sure, not every single minute is worth watching in every movie but there have to be some movies that have better ratios than others. I think this will be an interesting data point to capture. 
  2. Trailer comparison – There are plenty of movies out there that trailer poorly and end up turning out to be better than expected (but are ultimately still not great – like Venom). Then there are movies that cut a great trailer but it turns out it’s because they put all the best parts in the trailer to sell tickets and put butts in seats. 
  3. #/100 System – I find that rating things out of five stars makes mediocre movies look worse than they actually are. There are plenty of entertaining movies that I would rate a 50-70/100, but if I rated them a 2 or 3/5, you probably wouldn’t want to watch it no matter what I wrote about it. 
  4. Movie or Film – Since the name of the website is Movies, Not Films, it stands to reason that I would categorize everything into one of those two categories. 


    I’m going to try and share a few notes on writing, acting, score, and cinematography. I’m completely self taught and have no formal education about any of these aspects of movie making. I know what I like and what I consider to be good and that’s what I’m going to write about. 

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